WTF?! Myojo Chukazanmai at Walmart??

October 4, 2011

…the hell??  When did WALMART start selling Myojo Chukazanmai??
Hopefully Americans will demand better instant ramen like this after tasting what instant ramen was supposed to be, so the rest of the crap ramen we have  here will improve!

Walmart, I hate you, but today, you win….congratulations!



March 10, 2011

Man…this sucks! I caught another cold and…

I was just sick 2weeks ago, but got better in 3days after some codeine and a LOT of sleep. I guess this cold was just taking a break and decided to finish up with me.

Hopefully it will go away just as quick so I can be ready for this weekend’s ceremony and my trip to Japan (next week)

::cough cough::

Lotus Root

February 25, 2011

So I had at short conversation with my sister, K, about lotus root on chat. It went like this:

[13:44] gokiburix: do you like lotus root?
[13:44] K: where?
[13:45] gokiburix: in your mouth
[13:45] gokiburix: its food
[13:45] K: what?! where?
[13:45] gokiburix: lotus root… your mouth
[13:45] K: hahahha! in my mouth…. what the heck are you talking about?
[13:45] gokiburix: what….you like it up your butt?!?!
[13:45] gokiburix: do you like to eat lotus root?!?! GAWD DAMN!!!
[13:45] K: what lotus root are you talking about?
[13:46] gokiburix: OMG…there’s only 1 lotus root
[13:46] K: i dont think ive ever had it
[13:46] gokiburix: yes you have!
[13:46] K: whenz
[13:46] gokiburix:
[13:46] gokiburix: looks like this
[13:46] gokiburix: its kinda crunchy
[13:47] K: hahahaha! oh my! i just had to reread what and how you asked me that question… i;m laughing so hard
[13:47] K: if i have eaten before… i dont remember
[13:47] K: no wonder you said in your mouth
[13:47] K: hahahahhahahahaa
[13:48] gokiburix: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[13:48] gokiburix: how else do i explain that you EAT it???!
[13:48] K: I’M CRYING SO BAD
[13:48] gokiburix: HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA you’re a retard!!
[13:48] K: OH MY GOSH!!! I CANT STOP!!!


Valentine’s 2011

February 15, 2011

We decided that we’re not going to give each other gifts this year, so I decided to do something a little fun.

On the Sunday prior, I went to the junkyard to get some parts for my car and snuck away to get some flowers and a Valentine’s day set which includes a champagne glasses, candle holders and petals.
I had a hard time trying to sneak it into the house as the flowers would probably die in the car. Usually, she just stays in the house and I can move my junkyard finds to the garage without hassle, but this time….for whatever reason, she decided to walk around and water the plants and etc.

“GAH! GO BACK INSIDE THE HOUSE!!”, I exclaimed in my head.

Well, after a while, she got tired of playing with Dood and FINALLY went back inside.
Without her looking, I brought the goodies into the house and hid them…and praying the flowers don’t die.

Following morning (Valentine’s day)
She left for work before me….and I set our coffee table with the set I worked so hard to keep a secret. I figured I’d set it up in case she came home before me.
I still managed to come home before her so…no big deal. She was pleasantly surprised when she came home. :)

Because her favorite food is Italian, I decided to take her to a quaint local Italian restaurant in Anaheim called Luigi’s d’italia. The restaurant is not fancy by any stretch of imagination and one might even think, “Wow…Valentine’s date….here??! Seriously?!?” But don’t let the outward appearance fool you!
Very seldom do I get blown away by food….but WOW! The food here was jaw droppingly awesome and puts a LOT of “Italian” places to shame! I can safely say that I will probably stop going to a few places because the food was so fantastic.

We started off with some calamari:

(excuse the picture…we ate so many before taking the picture….couldn’t stop)

I ordered the Linguini E Vongole Bianco Panna (spaghetti with clams with cream sauce)

She ordered the Fettuccini Toscana (Fettuccini alfredo sauce with chicken and artichoke hearts)

Came back happy and full! We will definitely come back here to try other items on the menu!

Then…I decided “what Valentine’s day would be complete without chocolate?”
So I decided to try my hand at making a dessert. I chose to make a classic dessert called Chocolate Mocha Pot de Creme (all made in advanced while waiting for her to come home from work)

Here are some during production pictures:

Here is the finished result:

For those who haven’t had this before, its basically like a rich, thick chocolate pudding. Came out fantastic! Whewww……I pulled it off!

I’d say Valentine’s 2011 was a total success!


Time Travel and the Multiverse

October 27, 2010

I’ve always been fascinated by the theories of time travel and the multiverse. Every time there’s a new movie on either of them, I HAVE to watch it…no matter how bad it might be.

Who wouldn’t want to go back or forward in time to change something?….but doing that would create a paradox and free will goes right out the window…that’s where the multiple universes come in and suddenly free will is back in the game. How does that change anything? Well, if you were to alter anything, a different string of events would occur thereafter.

Here’s a video to understand that:

Here, dimensions and the multiverse is explained:

..this guy sums it up:

So…if that didn’t blow your mind, think about this for a sec….
Imagine that you’re at a fork in the road…a decision.
if you choose the left road, you would go down that road and you’d see everything there needs to be seen and you live the rest of your life
if you choose the right road, you would go down that road and you’d see everything there needs to be seen and you live the rest of your life
…both happening at the same time but in an alternate universe….that’s the basics of the multiverse on a small scale.

Here, Mario teaches quantum mechanics:

The multiverse is infinite possibilities with infinite outcomes. So every decision made, whether being left/right, yes/no, etc, the you in another universe made the other decision and living out the rest of your (alternate universe) life….or not.

Every decision you didn’t take, the alternate universe you did. This doesn’t limit to just you or me or people…the world we know and live in could either look very similar in one universe or VERY different in another.

totally fascinated

Maison Akira: The French Japanese Cuisine experience

October 11, 2010

I think I’ll start off by saying, “WOW!” …and I totally meant that in a good way!

There was an annual event called “Dine LA” where various restaurants choose to participate. The basic explanation of this event is basically the restaurants will make a course out of some selected items from the menu for a discounted price. あさちゃん, friends of mine and myself chose to Maison Akira.

S & D both have been to Maison Akira before, but never came for dinner. They’ve done the Sunday brunch, so they more or less had an idea on what to expect. あさちゃん and I however were total noobs. After deciding, the food promptly came after.

It started out with chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) that came in what looked like a shot glass
…and it was YUMMY!

Next came (what I ordered) the appetizer portion of the meal, Grilled Duck Foie Gras and Poached Free Range Egg on Toasted Brioche in a Port wine Truffle Sauce….
I have to give it an F…………..
Foie Gras
….for FANTASTIC! No words to describe it……simply delicious!

あさちゃん got the Oyster Flan in a Pernod Sauce and Topped with Ikura Caviar
oyster flan
We loved it, but I highly recommend it to seafood lovers. We both said “it’s very seafood” to describe it, but it’s not exactly fishy.

Next up was the entree: Angus Beef Château Steak in a Cabernet & Béarnaise Sauce with Gratin of Potato & Oyster Mushroom Sympatic.
Angus steak
The texture was perfect! The seasoning was PERFECT…no extra sauce was necessary. I think its the Japanese way to not have foods over-powered by sauces so that one can truly enjoy the natural taste of the ingredient. It was SUPERB!

あさちゃん had the Duo of Miso Marinated Chilean Sea Bass & King CrabRavioli in a Lobster Emulsion
chilean sea bass
This one is what Maison Akira is pretty known for and was said that when the emperor of Japan came to visit, he ordered this. I wish I ordered this as well so I can feel like an emperor!
As much as I liked my steak, the chilean sea bass was a total knock out! PERFECT TASTE! Next time I will totally order it!

By this time, I was satisfied and getting ready to go to sleep then the waiter comes back with my dessert (which I almost forgot about).
Warm Apple Tarte with Caramel Sauce & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
apple tart
Chef Akira went to study in France not only for food but desserts as well. Needless to say, he’s pretty much perfected it. I was STUFFED already, but still had to eat my delicious apple tart with ice cream. SOOOOO GOOOD!

It’s a good thing あさちゃん got different items than I did so we were able to try different things. She got the île Flotante in a Vanilla Cream Anglaise …which I didn’t order because I had no idea what it was. Even when we asked the waitress, I don’t think I fully grasped the idea, so I went for something safe instead.
vanilla cream
It was good, but not my cup of tea. The vanilla sauce tasted good…I could have poured it over my apple tart…that would’ve tasted good! haahha

We all went home very FULL and very satisfied. The best part was that we had ordered a VERY good bottle of wine and drank it all, but I guess somebody forgot to put it on our bill! Good wine tasted even better!


10-10-10 @ 10:10:10

October 10, 2010

…and she said yes

Everyone’s names

October 4, 2010

So after mom and dad left my house yesterday, あさちゃん and I were folding

She then started asking me what everybody’s names were…
あさちゃん: What’s Dom’s mom’s name?
goki: Jean
あさちゃん: I thought it was tita?
goki: tita is aunt in filipino
あさちゃん: oh! I thought her name was Tita…that’s why I thought Jon-Jon’s mom had the same name!
goki: hahaha you dummy!

あさちゃん: what’s Jon-Jon’s mom’s name?
goki: Ine
あさちゃん: so its tita Ine and tita Jean…
goki: yup
あさちゃん: there’s no word for uncle?
goki: tito
あさちゃん: so for Tucker and Rider, you’re tito Josh?
goki: shut up..dont ever call me that…sounds terrible!
(laughing ensues)
あさちゃん: why dont you guys use “tito”
goki: you know…I dont really know…we just used “uncle”…I think
its because “tito” sounds terrible

あさちゃん: what is your mom’s siblings names?
goki: jerry, jinky, jean and sonny
あさちゃん: how about the quiet guy?
あさちゃん: what…he IS quiet!
goki: he’s uncle Nolie
あさちゃん: they like 2 syllable names dont they? NO-LI, JER-RI, JIN-KI, SON-NI
goki: Jean is only 1 syllable…
あさちゃん: they probably said “we like this name a lot so just take
something off…..just make it Jin” (sounds like like jean)

Mom’s birthday weekend

October 4, 2010

Over the weekend, we had a family get-together for mom’s birthday. It was a fabulous turn out and everybody had a good time! It started around 4pm and went on until Sunday morning.

It was supposed to be a surprise and everyone was supposed to show up around 3. Dad would bring mom around 4 telling her that he needs to go to the junkyard to get something.
It was nearly ruined when mom and dad showed up early at 3. I quietly asked dad “what the heck are you doing here?!” He said “she just wanted to come here early for me to pick up whatever and go somewhere to get her nails done.” So I took that opportunity by telling あさちゃん to take her somewhere. So mom and あさちゃん left.

Not even 15 minutes later, aunts, uncles and cousins poured in. It was a success!
あさちゃん text messaged me to tell me when shes on her way and that she will call me and ring once to let me know she’s near so that I can get everyone into position.

Well, during that time, everyone was doing something….preparing food, preparing something or just simply scattered around the house, so I couldn’t get them all into positions fast enough and as mom walked into the house, she saw the back of someone and asked “you have friends over?” Then she saw all the food on the table. OOPS!

She STILL didn’t catch on just yet…she thought we had tricked her saying that we were going to the junkyard and went to get food instead. I told her that I had something to show her in the back room (where everybody was). “SURPRISE!!” followed by a burst of cheer and laughter as everybody was in on it.

The surprise was nearly ruined twice, but ended with a great turnout!

Happpy Birthday Mom! I love you lots!

My J-toys!

July 18, 2010

I’m making an entry to my blog because I’m SUPER excited to show what I got today…

It’s the JUST RELEASED (as of July 2010) 40th Anniversary Tomica SSS Bluebird! WOOHOO!! :frantics:

I got excited enough to FINALLY take pics of my other J-tin toys.
Here’s a FairladyZ set I got back in 2007 in ToysRUs in Japan:

Fairlady Z next to the Bluebird:

Here is my Fairlady Z collector’s set:

A ZX GoBot I picked up at a yard sale like 2-3 years ago:

I also found a portable pair of nunchakus (I had to buy them because I’m a nunchaku user :ninja: )…I ended up buying 2 pairs! hahaha :devil:
The two ends screw together and looks like a baton:

Unscrewed and BAM!!!…nunchakus!

As you can probably tell…I’m super excited!

:frantics: :hyper:


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